• Where do I find the shipping?

When you select the products, pick the cart 🛒  and fill out the Billing information and Location to send the product, you'll be then prompted to select the type of shipping that you want your product delivered. It's usually delivered by USPS in and out of the USA. 

  • How long does it take for the product to arrive?

The product will be delivered from 2 to 3 Business Days and if there are no delays from USPS or the shipping carrier that you selected. 

  • Where is your shop located?

It's located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. We got a map on the website which will give you the exact location and coordinates to the shop.

  • What is the phone number and email?

It's listed in the Contact Us menu down below the website along with a form in which if you got any questions, they'll be answered thoroughly.


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