Nutella Filling
Nutella Filling

Nutella Filling

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Pre-filled with 2.2 LB of Nutella®, the new piping bag comes ready to use, which saves time and money, and enables a host of breakfast goods, from pastries and pancakes to waffles and muffins, afternoon tea treats and desserts to be personalised.

The innovative Nutella 2.2 LB Piping Bag is the easy way to update a range of breakfast goods from pastries and pancakes to waffles and muffins. Pre-filled with a 2.2 LB of Nutella, it’s as easy as snip, pipe and serve to start profiting from the nation’s favourite spread brand*.

The hassle of spooning Nutella® into a piping bag or the wastage that can result from this is a thing of the past! The new piping bag is instantly ready and can be stored away until you need it again, meaning every bit of Nutella® can be utilised – making this one of the handiest tools available to quickly and efficiently update your breakfast menu.

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