Ateco’s Large Scrapper
Ateco’s Large Scrapper

Ateco’s Large Scrapper

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This Ateco white plastic large bowl scraper has multiple purposes for bakeries and kitchens everywhere. You can use this bowl scraper to scrape clean batter, icing, or dough from the mixing bowl, so you get more of your product into the baking pan and less in your dish water. You can also use the scraper to evenly distribute icing over cakes, or even cut dough if you're in a pinch.

Made of sturdy plastic, this scraper is great for collecting and then transferring product from the bowl to the pan. Use the straight edges of the scraper to scrape pieces of dough off of your cutting board or worktable so you don't waste any product, and also use it at the end of the day to help scrape up crusted-on foods for easy clean up.

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